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Why password security management is crucial?

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Cybercriminals use many methods to access accounts, including dictionary brute-force attacks (attacks made to guess passwords), as well as comparing various word combinations against a dictionary file. Cybercriminals may also use password capturing tools like "Keyloggers" on the victim's computer. eKalam suggests the below-mentioned points that each individual/ Entity should follow:

  • Always use different passwords for different accounts.

  • Ensure the password is strong. Strong passwords should contain a combination of upper case, lower case, numbers, and "Special" characters (e.g., @#$%^&*0 +|~-=1: ":<>/.etc.)

  • Immediately, change any password which might have been shared or revealed by mistake.

  • Passwords must be changed at regular intervals.

A password shouldn't contain

  • Birth dates, names, ID proofs, and other personal information such as addresses and phone numbers.

  • Commonly used words such as names of family members, pets, friends, colleagues, movies, novels, comic characters, etc.

  • Password recovery answers should not be guessable.

  • Password should not be less than eight characters.

  • Do not use public systems to access banking/ sensitive sites.

  • Do not share the passwords, or OTP through e-mail, chat, or any other electronic communication.

  • Do not reveal passwords on questionnaires or security forms.

  • Do not choose/ select the "remember my password" option for banking/ sensitive sites.

  • Never write down your password anywhere, especially as a 'note stick' to the computer.

  • Don't use your biometrics (fingerprint, etc.) at untrusted terminals/ sites.

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