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Attention ! This is how cyber fraudsters hack WhatsApp, empty their accounts in seconds

Cyber ​​fraudsters are adopting new methods of hacking WhatsApp cyber fraudsters every day. After becoming an officer of the bank, the business of cheating has become old, now cyber fraudsters are adopting other ways to cheat people. In this, cyber fraudsters are working to cheat people by hacking WhatsApp and diverting mobile calls. After this, they are directly robbing the bank accounts. Meerut Police has warned about this new way of cheating by these cyber fraudsters.

(Meerut, 21 June 2022)

Every day cybercriminals are adopting new ways to break into bank accounts. According to Senior Superintendent of Police Prabhakar Choudhary, extra vigilance is the only way to stay aware and avoid fraud. Cyber ​​thugs call people and ask the representatives of the telecom company to ask whether there is any problem in your network. After that, the cyber criminals give confidence to the user that they do not need to provide any kind of OTP or PIN. Cyber ​​fraudsters take advantage of the customers who report the problem of poor network connectivity.

Dial a special code

To solve the problem, tell them that dialing a special code will solve the problem of a bad network. In fact, after dialing the special code, all the calls of the user get diverted to the number of cyber thugs, taking advantage of which cyber thugs login to the user's WhatsApp in their phone and misuse the user's number, and demand money from the acquaintances of the user. Since the number shown to the user's acquaintances on WhatsApp is real, people think that their acquaintance is asking for money and the amount sought is transferred to the account of cyber thugs.

Here's how to hack WhatsApp:

There are two options to verify the WhatsApp account. One through OTP and the other via call. Since all the calls are diverted to the cyber thug's mobile number, the cyber thug selects the call option and logs into the other's WhatsApp on his phone and sends a message to the WhatsApp group and numbers in that account, and demands money. Seeing the familiar number, people do not investigate and transfer the amount to the account under the guise.

Keep Two Factor Authentication on in WhatsApp Account Keep Two Factor Authentication on in your WhatsApp account so that no one can log in even if OTP is received and do not share OTP with anyone or dial a special code on your mobile when an unknown caller is called and send it to Anydesk, Team viewer, or Do not download apps like QuickSupport, etc.

These are the special codes of call divert

Jio - 401<10 digit mobile number>

VodafoneIdea - *21<10 digit mobile number>

BSNL- *61<10 digit mobile number>

Airtel - *61<10 digit mobile number>

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