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With eKalam, you can find the right tech talent and expertise for your company. 

Prevention is always better than Detection

According to our research with the World Economic Forum, cyber-attacks have become the new norm across public and private sectors in 2021-2022. This risky industry continues to grow in 2022-2023 as IOT cyber-attacks alone are expected to double by 2025. Data leakage, Identity theft, ATM hacking, Phishing attack, and Man-in-Middle attack are commonly used hacking attacks.


We all are aware of the fact that “Prevention is always better than detection” i.e. It is crucial for every organization to have cyber security and ethical hacking experts. Additionally, our candidates are equipped with the latest systems, software, hardware, and platforms to assist them in identifying and fixing system weaknesses. Having a hacker's mindset is the most essential skill for any ethical hacker as it will enable them to discover the flaws in the system and suggest ways to mitigate them..

Be our Hiring Partner

Our recruitment process is simple yet helpful for any organization as we believe in a 3-way handshake wherein the organization, candidate and eKalam are together working towards a better tomorrow. We also vouch for our candidate concerning the trust factor, as being Information security & Ethical hacking company, we can understand the security concerns. Each of our candidates is passionate about serving society, and they all strive to make these technological times crime-free.

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